The Twelve

The Twelve

Jesus chooses the twelve disciples, and ultimately proves the world wrong about who is worthy to be great in the Kingdom of God.

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Luke 9:23
"Follow me." These words changed everything. In this tale, ordinary people like Simon, soon to be Peter, were chosen by Jesus. Their journey resonates today. Simon, a grumpy fisherman, felt unworthy. Like him, we're humbled by God's goodness. Jesus transforms us, just as he did the disciples. His encounter with a demon shows his authority over darkness. Healing the sick mirrors inner healing. Friends' devotion contrasts with Pharisees' legalism. Even tax collectors found love and acceptance with Jesus. His rebuke of the Pharisees highlights true righteousness in love. Jesus challenges rigid traditions, emphasizing love above all. Finally, he calls the twelve, showing that God chooses the imperfect to display His glory.
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