The Storm Within

The Storm Within

Take a moment to breathe. Think about the outer storms - the job, the kids, the world. Jesus is in control. Take another breath and look within. Think about your inner storms - the worry, the angst, the restlessness. Jesus is in control. Pause several times today, stop, and say, “Jesus is in control.” The storms might continue the thrash. The rain may never cease. But you have Jesus in the boat with you!

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Mark 4:39
"Sometimes our struggles are external. There are situations, circumstances, and relationships that challenge our resolve and force us to turn to God. But other times, our battles are internal. We battle with depression. We wrestle with anxiety. We soak in shame. Jesus is the commander of our inner and outer storms. In this episode of Heroes in the Bible, Jesus displayed his power over the outer storms. When the winds howled, and waves thrashed, Jesus took control and silenced them with a word. “Be still!” He shouted, and all was calm. This is a reminder that God has power over our circumstances. When you lose your job. When you’re being bullied. When disaster strikes, God is there with you in the boat. He wants to calm you in the storm and bring peace to the situation. Right after Jesus calms the storm, he faces a tormented man. A legion of demons possesses him. Jesus cast the demons out, proving that he also has power over our inner storms.
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