The Forgotten Son

The Forgotten Son

God isn’t looking for a warrior, a scholar, a noble, or a politician to lead his people… He’s looking for a shepherd… Let’s meet God’s chosen one.

Philippians 4:8
Being a true leader doesn't mean showing off power or wanting people to like you. Jonathan is an excellent example of a leader. He's brave, loyal, and close to God. He does things to honor God and protect his people, not to get attention. Saul, though, is too proud and cares too much about looking good. He wants people to worship him and even does a religious act only priests should do. Saul doesn't care about what God wants and uses others for his own gain. The story teaches us that good leaders stay connected to God and don't brag. It shows us that wanting others to like us too much and putting ourselves before God's wants is bad. Jonathan is different from Saul. He's a true leader who cares about God and others more than himself.
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