The Exiled Father

The Exiled Father

David, once a master of conquests, faced a tumultuous family life due to his past mistakes. His neglect led to familial unrest, a stark warning against passing down our sins.

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Proverbs 3:5-6
Absalom, a sneakier adversary than Goliath, plotted against David. Absalom's mind games were on another level—an insincere apology followed by a scheme to smear David's reputation—a crafty move hiding behind religion. Amid the chaos, David, donning Jonathan's armor and Goliath's sword, rallied with his mighty men. Allies, outcasts, priests, and friends stood firm, highlighting the power of alliances. Escaping by the Brook Kidron, David's journey mirrored Jesus'. While David faced enemies, Jesus boldly crossed the brook to confront his foes. A profound reminder that Jesus is The Greater David. David stood on the Mount of Olives, mirroring Jesus' posture, passionately singing Psalm 3. His earnest cry, ""ARISE!"" marked the imminent return of the King of Israel. If Absalom knew David for all he was, he'd be terrified. Exile transformed David into a king, and the comeback is in motion.
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