Slit His Throat

Slit His Throat

In the dark caves of Engedi, David stands over the sleeping King Saul with a blade in his hand. The throne of Israel is only a swipe of a blade away.

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2 Corinthians 5:7
David's decision not to kill Saul, despite the chance, wasn't cowardice but a display of courage and meekness. Jonathan's timely visit provided support, emphasizing the importance of friends who anchor us in trying times. Saul's relentless pursuit of David stems from irrational rage and inner turmoil, evoking some pity. David's meekness, not weakness, led him to choose peace over vengeance. David's confrontation with Saul highlights the notion that hatred originates within. Saul, in a moment of clarity, recognizes David's nobility and bows to him, thanks to the mercy shown. David remains cautious, ready to defend his people when needed, reaffirming his role as the hero of God. Saul's fate is sealed.
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