My Burden is Light

My Burden is Light

Jesus begins healing the sick and making enemies in the process. It is at this point Jesus differentiates Himself from just a good teacher. He is displaying acts that only God can do.

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Psalm 147:3
The Sermon on the Mount outlines God’s Kingdom culture. Jesus challenged us to go beyond superficial acts of goodness, diving deep into our hearts. He urged us to love even our enemies, setting a higher standard. Joseph's forgiveness in the prelude reflects this. Jesus didn’t just forgive sins; he empowered us to live better lives. His words may be tough, but they build us up. Later, a centurion’s faith amazed Jesus. Despite his power, he humbled himself before Jesus, showing extraordinary faith. Lastly, we see John the Baptist's doubt. Even the faithful struggle, but Jesus affirms His work.
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