Long Live the King

Long Live the King

The armies of Israel - led by their first King, Saul - ride furiously to the defense of the people of Jabesh. After a glorious victory, the people praise Saul, but will the praise corrupt his vulnerable heart?

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Acts 1:8
Saul is everything Israel expected and more. He shows integrity, strength, follow-through, and a dozen other qualities that anyone would want in a leader. But the main blemish on Saul’s resumè remains: he is chosen by the people, not God. We must not forget what Saul represents: man’s attempt to appear strong, all the while ignoring the true strength that God offers. There is a vicious cycle of pride that Saul must be careful of. The way to get out of this cycle is by submitting to God and humbling ourselves when He resists us. When we are corrected, we need to pay attention and take the correction with humility. That is a sign of a pure heart!
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