Heart of a Shepherd

Heart of a Shepherd

David and his men are forced to fight for what they care about most. In the heat of battle, amidst the blood and dirt, David is recognized for his true shepherd’s heart.

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Ephesians 2:10
Ever wondered why God likens Himself to a shepherd? It's not because He's akin to the social outcasts of ancient times, but because we, like sheep, are vulnerable and dependent on His guidance, provision, and protection. David, post-near-disaster, grapples with deep shame. He nearly became the enemy he fought so hard against. Yet, his moment in the ashes heralds a rebirth. Returning to Ziklag, David's men discover their homes in ruins and families taken captive. They blame David, rightfully so, for leading them astray. David's shame is magnified, and his own men contemplate stoning him. Amid this darkness, a true friend, Abishai, acts as an anchor for David. He reminds David of his calling, igniting a spark within. David, surrounded by symbolic ash, acknowledges his divine anointing. This marks a turning point. David, once the shepherd chasing lions, reequips himself, embracing core values long forgotten.
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