He is Coming

He is Coming

The foretelling and the birth of John the Baptist. John is the last living prophet that paves the way for the coming Messiah - he is the prelude to Jesus’ epic coming.

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Luke 1:37
The emphasis on the Word of God, as seen in John 1, reveals Jesus as the embodiment of truth, seeking to transform our chaotic hearts. Much like the creation story, this series invites us to let Jesus speak into the unformed parts of our hearts, allowing paradise to grow within. Enter Zachariah, a priest symbolizing the transition between the Old and New Covenants. His role becomes pivotal in the divine plan. As he steps into the Holy of Holies, the atmosphere thickens with the palpable presence of God, alongside the majestic angel Gabriel. Gabriel brings a message to Zachariah—his wife Elizabeth will miraculously conceive and bear a son named John. Zachariah, seemingly forgetting the biblical pattern of God favoring barren wombs, protests the improbable. Yet, this pattern echoes the future, foretelling the impossible: a virgin birth.
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