God on Trial

God on Trial

Jesus is betrayed, taken, and put on trial. Jesus spent his whole ministry teaching and standing up to the religious leaders, but now in the face of death, he remains silent - like a lamb to the slaughter.

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Isaiah 53:7
Jesus' final hours before his crucifixion are marked by betrayal, arrest, and a series of unjust trials. Judas, one of his own disciples, betrays him with a kiss, leading to his arrest by the authorities. Despite his earlier confrontations with the religious leaders, Jesus now stands before them in silence, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah that describes the suffering servant who goes like a lamb to the slaughter without protest. During the trial, Jesus faces false accusations and mockery. His silence is not a sign of weakness, but of profound strength and submission to God’s will. This silence highlights his role as the sacrificial lamb, willing to endure suffering for the sake of humanity. Jesus is then brought before Pilate, the Roman governor, where he continues to show remarkable composure, speaking only when necessary. This trial scene underscores Jesus' unwavering commitment to his mission and his deep trust in God’s plan, even in the face of imminent death.
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