Saul commits completely to his hatred and seeks to kill David with his own hands. By the grace of God, David has the love of his wife and brother. However, their love cannot protect him forever.

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Hebrews 13:5
In this episode, Saul's jealousy towards David reaches its breaking point, but David refuses to retaliate. David's honorable nature and trust in God prevent him from seeking revenge on the king. This theme of honor and loyalty will continue throughout David's life. Jonathan warns David that his loyalty may be his undoing, but David respects the office of the king too much to take it by force. He understands that God is in control and will remove Saul when the time is right. This teaches us the importance of patience and trust in God's timing, instead of rushing His will. He finds support from his close friend Jonathan, who proves his loyalty by standing up to his own father. Saul's desire to harm David and Michal's betrayal shows the temptation to take shortcuts and the chaos it can create. Brotherhood and loyalty are significant themes, as David acknowledges the value of true friends who stick closer than brothers.
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