Den of Thieves

Den of Thieves

Jesus has entered Jerusalem with a procession for praise. However, his time will be short-lived as he continues to make enemies of the religious elite.

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Matthew 21:13
Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem is marked by celebration, but his actions quickly turn controversial. He curses a fig tree for its barrenness, symbolizing the spiritual barrenness he finds in the temple. When Jesus arrives at the temple, he finds it corrupted by commerce and exploitation. With righteous anger, he drives out the merchants and money changers, restoring the temple's sanctity as a house of prayer. Throughout his time in Jerusalem, Jesus teaches profound lessons. He predicts his death, signaling the ultimate sacrifice he is about to make. Despite witnessing his miracles, many Jews remain in unbelief. Jesus’ authority is constantly questioned by the Sanhedrin, yet he responds with wisdom, teaching through parables like The Two Vineyard Workers, The Vineyard Owner, and The Wedding Feast. Each parable reinforces the call to genuine faith and readiness for God's kingdom.
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