A Friend of the Enemy

A Friend of the Enemy

Desperate, David finds himself befriending the very people God has called him to destroy. Is this where our hero truly falls from grace?

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Hebrews 12:2
David thought he could befriend the enemy while still being the hero of God. Deception lulled him into a false sense of security, but we know it never lasts. Saul, too, is caught in a web of contradictions. Seeking a witch for guidance and leading God's armies without His favor. He ventures into enemy territory in Gath, posing as a raider while secretly helping Israel. He believes he can have it both ways, but this dual allegiance catches up with him. David's life is a reflection of our own struggles with hidden sins while trying to stay faithful to those around us. David faces an impossible choice between marching with Gath and refusing and his wisdom is tested as he finds himself in a position resembling Saul's. He reluctantly prepares to march against Israel but doesn't intend to fight them. Instead, he trusts the Lord will cover his sins. However, lies have ripple effects, and unforeseen consequences arise.
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